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In Book Reviews on August 6, 2014 at 6:00 am
Vintage 2013

Vintage 2013

This is the first Harry Hole novel. I really enjoyed The Redbreast so I thought I would check out some more books by this author. I rarely read books out of order. If I pick one up and find out that it is not the first in a series I usually put it down. I decided to read The Redbreast, though, because I had an idea that it might not matter if I read them out of order.

Thank God I did.

If I had read this book first, I wouldn’t have been inspired to read any of his others.

Don’t get me wrong; I liked this book. Mostly. I wouldn’t do a blog post about it if I didn’t like it (unless it offended me) but, wow. This book was all over the road at points.

Nutshell blurb: A Norwegian girl is killed in Sydney, Australia. Harry Hole travels there to lend a hand in solving the murder.

It starts out well enough. Harry gets there and the Sydney police aren’t thrilled about his presence. He has an aboriginal police officer called Andrew assigned to him and they go about questioning people and looking for answers.

Then a little more than a third of the way into the book some crazy stuff starts to happen. Drug use within the police department, prostitutes, the main character goes completely off the rails, cross-dressers, people chopped up into little bits. There’s even a great white shark involved. Pretty much ALL THE THINGS! There were a few moments when I looked like this:



Seriously. I had no idea what was going on.

Also, I really liked Harry in The Redbreast, but not so much in this book. He was quite the douche-nozzle, in my opinion. But not in a tortured anti-hero kind of way. He was just a jerk.

The story managed to pull itself together by the end, but I still found the end to be somewhat dissatisfying.

Considering how good The Redbreast was, it will be interesting to read his other books to see Mr. Nesbo’s growth as an author.

  1. I’ve always wondered how these books are. The cover style is eye-catching. Now I know where (not) to start, if I ever decide to try them.

    • Yeah, that’s what drew me to them as well. Maybe the first one won’t put you off if you know what to expect from it. I think it’s good to read because you get to know why the character thinks and acts the way he does in subsequent books. It’s a tricky one.

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