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Arrow Books 2013

Arrow Books 2013

This is the second book of this trilogy by Hugh Howey. I read the first book back in August so if you want to read that post first, click here.

Nutshell blurb: The story takes place before Wool. We find out how and why the silos were built and the measures that were put in place to protect the people who live in them.

This book was quite gripping and, frankly, creepy as hell. This is why I love dystopia.

But before I talk more about why I liked the book, can I just direct your attention to the yellow circle in the picture above? This is a pet peeve of mine. I know that people do this to sell books, but I think it’s sneaky and underhanded. I try not to read too many reviews before I read a book (except for the ones I read on the blogs I follow) because I don’t like people to market things to me. I don’t mind it if people whose taste I trust tell me what they thought of a book. But the Sunday Times stating that this is ‘The next Hunger Games‘ is not going to get me to buy the book. In fact, if I had bought this book based on the fact that it’s been touted as ‘The next Hunger Games‘, I would have been extremely pissed off to find that this was absolutely nothing like The Hunger Games. Other than the fact that it’s dystopia. And a book.

I’m sorry. I’ll stop ranting now. But it’s nothing like The Hunger Games. So there.

Anyway, I really liked this book. It only took me 7 days to read which is pretty good considering that it’s a hefty 578 pages.

I always struggle to tell you about some of these books which contain twists and turns because it would grieve me to no end if I spoiled it for you.

I’ll do my best to not spoil it.

Let’s talk about the main character, Donald. That’s safe. He’s a pretty interesting guy. He’s a young senator who studied to be an architect at university. He’s enlisted by an older senator (who helped him win his votes) to design some underground silos. He doesn’t know why he’s doing it and does it despite having a bad feeling about it. I like this guy because he’s desperately in love with his wife. He does his best to prove to her that he’s not going to cheat on her even though he’s now working on this project with an ex-flame from university. This love for his wife is a central theme in this book and it is heart-warming and heart-breaking at the same time.

The book flashes back and forth between the time time when the silos were being built and the people who are on shift in them in the future. Eventually, the future collides with the events that take place in Wool. There are a few ‘aha!’ moments when you realise that you’re reading the back story of someone from the first book. I really liked that.

I’m intensely curious about what’s going to happen in the next book although it will take me a while to get around to reading it. My stack of books to be read is quite sizable at the moment so I shall have to wait to see what happens. I’ll definitely buy the next one though.

  1. It always makes me laugh that people think that because something is in the same genre, it can be the next *insert leader of genre*.

  2. So I stopped reading when you got to the actual plot as I’m also wary of spoilers and although I’m sure you were really careful I don’t want to take the risk! I’ve just finished Wool and although I spent the first third being really underwhelmed, by the end I was hooked an couldn’t read it fast enough. But then when I found out that the second book was set earlier I was a bit narked because I want to know what happens to Jules and everyone. It sounds like maybe I was wrong though and maybe I do need to read this book as you’ve made it sound really intriguing!

    And the yellow circle? I am totally with you on that! There was one on my copy of wool as well. I hate having stickers on my books as it spoils the covers and these look like stickers that I can’t remove. And no, it is nothing at all like the Hunger Games!!

    • I would love to know what you think about it so you should definitely read it. (Very selfish of me, I know! ) 🙂 I think the third book might pick up where the first left off, although I’m just guessing. I haven’t read the synopsis yet because, like you, I hate spoilers! I’m definitely glad that I bought these books (rather than borrowed them from the library) because I’ll definitely re-read them at some point. So go read this book! 😀

  3. I’ve seen Wool around, of course, but hadn’t paid it any attention. Your review of Shift piqued my interest. I will be looking into it.

    • You definitely should if you like dystopia. Wool lags at the beginning and I almost put it down at one point. It was worth soldiering on though. It has a good payoff. Or at least I thought so. Let me know if you agree with my assessment if you decide to read it. I enjoy reading what others think about stuff I’ve read.

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