Birthday Loot

In Library Day on March 28, 2014 at 4:41 pm
London Aquarium

London Aquarium


On this day, thirty nine years ago at 3.33am EST, a miracle was born. Or rather, I was. It was a pretty big deal. At least it was for me. While I’m not a big fan of aging, I’ve gotta say that I love it when my birthday rolls around. I’ve been lucky in that I’ve always had jobs that have allowed me to have the day off (as a holiday day, of course). When I was a little girl, my parents used to let me and my sister have one day off per year, providing that that day didn’t fall on a day when we had a test or a project due. (Please note that my parents DID NOT advocate truancy. They’re just really cool parents who wanted us to have one special day off from school each year.) I always chose my birthday.

Anyway, I’ve managed to keep it special this far through my adult life and hope to do so for the rest.

On my birthday, I like to do stuff that I haven’t done before. Go someplace I’ve never been. This year, I decided to channel my inner 12 year old girl and go to the London Aquarium. It was a really fun day. I must admit that I was somewhat disappointed with the aquarium as it wasn’t as majestic as I hoped that it would be (especially considering how much they charge you to get in!). It was very cramped and you had to fight with school children to be able to see any of the exhibits. Because, yes, today was field trip day for a few schools. *sigh* Nevertheless, we had a lot of fun and saw a lot of cool stuff. Including this:

Photo bomb!

Photo bomb!

No trip into central London would be complete for me without a visit to Forbidden Planet. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it a time or two but it’s my favourite place to shop. Yes, that’s right, I would rather buy books than shoes. I picked up some goodies from there which I’m sure I’ll review fairly soon.

Birthday loot!

Birthday loot!

I’m especially looking forward to reading The Empire Striketh Back! I read William Shakespear’s Star Wars ages ago and it was a hoot.

So, that was my birthday! I must go now. We still have birthday brownies to eat and Netrunner to play.


  1. Happy Birthday, Buffy! The stingray photobomb is really cute. That adorable face is just perfect for the subject of an animated movie! Move over, Nemo!

  2. Here here for the “cute” miracle that occurred back in the day. 😉 Happy B-day!

    Hmm, a tradition where you do something new to add to the experience column- I like it. =)

  3. I’m so glad you had a wonderful day. You truly were my little miracle, my girl!

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