Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

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Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Gallery Books 2011

The choice is yours, and if you don’t survive, you’ve got no one to blame but yourself.

So, I was waltzing around town last weekend and decided to wander into the bookshop. Just for giggles. I wasn’t really planning on buying anything. (Yeah, right.) Anyway, I looked through the stuff that’s on sale but nothing really jumped out at me.  I went upstairs to the sci-fi/fantasy section and that’s where I found this gem. As you may know, I’m in a zombie kind of place in my life at the moment so I picked it up and had a closer look and this was my reaction: Omigod-it’s-a-choose-your-own-novel-for-ADULTS!!

And then I was really embarrassed because I was shopping by myself and I got a couple of looks.

Anyway, I bought it right away and took it home to tell my husband about it. He was out of town for the week so we were on skype and I had to show it to him. He was suitably pleased for me, but not quite as excited as I had hoped. Then he perked up because I suggested that I read it to him.

I’d like to take this moment to explain something. I’m no showboat, but I looooooove reading aloud. Personally, I think that my voice sounds ridiculous. When I hear it recorded, I cringe because I think that I sound like a cartoon character. My husband, however, thinks it’s sexy and he likes it when I read to him at night. (I’m trying not to read too much into the fact that my voice puts him right to sleep after a few pages…) Anyway, I love reading aloud because I like the way the words from a really good book roll off my tongue. There’s a rhythm to it and it’s much different hearing a book read than just reading it silently.

I thought that this one would be fun for us to read together because then we can see whether or not we make the same choices. I’m happy to report that, so far, we do. This is an important thing to find out about your partner. I feel confident that should the zombie apocalypse come to pass, we’ll be ok. We make a good team.

Anyway, we’ve started reading this book and it turns out that I was right. It’s really fun to read together. I get into it and start emoting. By the way, if you are the woman who lives above us, I would like to extend my sincerest apologies for the time I got a bit too excited and yelled “ZOMBIES! THE LIVING EFFING DEAD!” (Ok, ‘effing’ wasn’t actually the word used in the book, but I’m trying to keep it clean. Work with me, people.) I was also really proud of my newscaster impersonation. We haven’t made it through an entire story yet (apparently there are 50 different endings) but what we’ve read so far has been a lot of fun.

I actually don’t know how this book would stand up if I was reading it on my own. There are so many fragmented sentences, which is obviously used to create a sense of urgency and suspense, but I’m not a fan of that particular device. I don’t mind if there’s a sentence fragment here and there, but there are paragraphs full of them. So, I recommend that if you’re going to read this book, do so with a friend, family member or partner who will really get into it with you.

Since we’ve not made it through an entire story yet, I’m not sure how our choices affect the story. I used to read choose your own adventure stories when I was younger, but with some of them I noticed that if you consistently chose a certain option, you would get the same kind of ending. I’m not sure what the author has in store for us, but I’m looking forward to seeing whether or not we can survive.

On a completely different note, I found a very pleasant surprise the other day. In my Library Day posts I mentioned that I frequently walk to the Barbican Library during my lunch hour which is a 15 – 20 minute walk. Well, our office has moved to a different location. Luckily, I think that it might be a minute or two closer. That’s not the pleasant surprise, though.

I decided to go get some cash from the atm  during my lunch hour one day (which is right behind my building) and as I stood in the queue  I looked to my right and saw this:

Artizan Street Library 1

I didn’t take this picture, btw.

My reaction: Wuuuuuuuuuuuut???

Yes, folks. This is the mythical branch of the Barbican Library that I knew existed, but didn’t know where the heck it was. And it’s RIGHT BEHIND MY BUILDING!!! Here’s the view onto the street from inside:

Artizan Street Library 2

Nor did I take this one.

The atm is on the right where the dude in the business suit is standing. I’ll still shlep over to the Barbican from time to time, but if I’m having a really tough day at work, I can just take a short break and browse the shelves until I feel refreshed.This is truly exciting stuff.

No, really. This made my day ridiculously better.

On that note, I shall leave you. Let me know if you decide to read this book and whether or not you’re reading it with someone else. Ta ta for now!

  1. Never read a Book on Zombies..though have seen quite a few Zombie movies and kind of enjoyed them. Please post the complete review of the book and I shall decide!!

  2. Firstly, this post was hilarious (and slightly adorable), thanks for that. Secondly, WOOT! for undiscovered branches of libraries! Most importantly, that book cover is precious and beautiful for many reasons. Finally, CYOA is a wonderful thing. I recently bought a Hamlet choose your own adventure, I have an ebook of it on my reader but the nice hardback is waiting at home for me. Its called, To Be or Not To Be, get it? And if the options of playing as Hamlet, Ophelia, Ghost Dad and bunches of other people aren’t enough, there was a booklet released so you can play as Poor Yorick. It is glorious. Of course, as Yorick you die, because that is your point in the story. But CYOA is underrated! (Also trademarked. Harumph.) I took my own swing at writing a Harry Potter flavor Gamebook while on a break from my book and that was a stress-filled fun-time.

    To Be or Not To Be is by Ryan North, the same one who writes the Adventure Time comic books based on Pendleton Ward’s series which I know you like because I saw that post even if I didn’t comment on it.

    • Thanks! I’m glad you liked my post. And I forgot to mention it, but I love the cover too! To Be or Not to Be looks amazing! I’ve added it to my tbr list. I’ll be interested to see how it works with a story that most people already know. Thanks for the recommendation.

      You know, reading this book has made me want to take a stab at the whole choose your own adventure thing. It seems like it would be a really fun enterprise. maybe one day.

      Haha! Don’t worry about reading and not commenting. Sometimes I can’t think of anything clever to say even when I’ve really liked a post. ‘Great post!’ seems so trite. 😀

      • Oh, I’m more likely to sound completely out of my depth, but how else will I learn?

        If you do decide to write a gamebook, drop me a line, I’ve learned some things and would enjoy helping you to avoid pulling your own hair out.

      • Will do, thanks! It won’t be any time soon, though. Just an idea to go in the little black book of writing ideas for now. 🙂

  3. I read so many CYOA books when I was a kid… I actually structured my first website as a CYOA through one of my cities, and have vague plans to resurrect that idea some time. This sounds interesting, might look into it. 😀

  4. Hahaha. This is so cool. I’m easily taken by anything related to zombies. And this blog post is amazing. I can’t stop laughing. 🙂 Adding this to my reading list.

  5. I will be spending time now reading all this new and fresh ideas. Thank you so much Buffy for all that you share. You are a human angel.

  6. Reblogged this on So, I Read This Book Today . . . and commented:
    CAN you survive the Zombie Apocalypse? Reblogged from storytimewithbuffy, I rolled on the floor over this review. Buffy rocks. Enjoy this review, then you might want to follow her blog. It is lots of fun!

  7. Reblogged – I love this post!

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