There’s no time!

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Soooooo, it’s Sunday morning and I don’t have a book to write about. This never happens! I can assure you that it isn’t because I’m being lazy; I just haven’t had the time to read for enjoyment.

As it turns out, August is going to be a super busy month. I’m studying for a qualification at work (I take the exam on August 30) and we’re trying to find a new flat and need to be out of our current one by the first week of September. There is so much stress involved in these two topics.

If you are an estate agent, you might want to stop reading this and move on to a different blog. I will not apologise for the things I may write.


Flat-hunting pushes me to the brink of my sanity as estate agents  vie to see who can screw us over the most. I’m convinced that Aunt Josephine from Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events was modelled after me given her love of grammar and hatred of realtors. I would totally support a Hunger Games– style event for estate agents.

See what I did there? I managed to fit in two literary references into this post. I guess it’s not a complete waste then.

As I was saying, I’m also studying for an exam I have to take through work at the end of the month. This means that most of my free time has been taken up with my nose in a study guide. This includes my commute. This past week has made me realise just how many books I read on the tube, which is why I was unable to finish a book in time for this post.

I could talk to you about the LM2 London market insurance principles and practices, but I don’t want you to unfollow my blog.

I had thought about talking about a book that I’ve read in the past, but that feels like cheating. I want to give you new material and fresh thoughts about it that are hot off my brain. (That phrase doesn’t really work, does it?) Hopefully I’ll have something for you on Wednesday so that you don’t have to put up with my ramblings. I can’t make any promises though.

It’s interesting to note that being this busy has actually made me write my own novel even more. You see, I’ve felt super motivated all week and even with all the studying and flat-hunting I have to do (I’m on a super-strict schedule) I keep remembering a motivating statement that I’ve read in several places about making time for writing. There are so many people who say that they want to write but that they don’t have the time, but if something is important to you, you’ll make the time to do it.

With that in mind, I’ve been getting up an extra 40 minutes early each morning. I spend 10 minutes getting up and organised (starting the computer, making myself a cup of warm lemon water, etc…) and then from 6 – 6.30am I write. I don’t allow myself to do anything else. No internet, no waffling. Just extremely focused writing for a half hour.

It’s been a magical experience. I’ve designated Friday as a free day where I can decide whether or not to get up early so that I don’t burn out. I’m allowed to not study that day, as well, if I wish.

I did really well this week and am actually quite proud of myself for sticking to my schedule. We’ll see how next week goes.

  1. Aww, I thought you were going to have a rant about how estate agents can’t spell! When we bought our house, in the description they managed to spell ‘dam’ as ‘damn’, which I thought was the most hilarious error ever.

  2. Yup – gotta make time to write!

  3. You’re new schedule sounds wonderful! I’ve been enjoying my break from work, I must admit.

    • It’s really been great, although by the end of last week I was exhausted.

      I’m glad you’ve been enjoying your break. You deserve it! I couldn’t believe how much writing you did in such a short amount of time. Impressive!

  4. Poor Buffy… But glad to hear you’ve gotten into a writing groove, even with all the busyness! We’re not going anywhere. (Well, I’m not.)

    • Haha! Thanks! It’s great to be busy, but I do miss my books. I need to blitz the insurance though and then I can get back to them. I’ve been reading the same book for almost a week. Unheard of!

  5. I actually really enjoyed this blog. Sad as it is, real life comes first. I wish you all the best with studying and your move. I don’t know what it’s like to search for a flat (here in America we say the dumber “apartment”) but I imagine that’s incredibly stressful. I LOVE your reference to Lemony Snicket! I completely, entirely forgot about Aunt Josephine and pretty much all the other foster parents for the children (with the obvious exception of Count Olaf… “Roast beef… it’s French for beef that is roasted!”). The writing schedule sounds like an amazing plan. Good luck with all your endeavors!

    • Flat-hunting is very stressful! I’m actually American, so I’m also familiar with apartment-hunting. 🙂 In the States I’ve only ever lived in small towns so I think that it’s so stressful here because I live in London. Property disappears so fast and estate agents don’t have to be personable because there will be 15 people lined up to look at one flat. It’s chaos.

      I laughed so much the first time I saw Lemony Snicket. Meryl Streep was so amazing as Aunt Josephine and I thought ‘That’s me’. I’m a stickler for grammar, hate realtors and am always thinking of the worst possible thing that could happen. I don’t look like her (yet) but maybe I will when I’m older. haha!

      Thanks for replying!

  6. Estate agents are a bunch of bloody shits. Not only do they have an undeserved feeling of self-worth, but they’re completely lacking in self awareness as well.

    Next time we have a badger cull, we should produce a few extra traps and leave them outside empty properties.

    Mind you, I don’t like exam invigilators either.

    • Ahahaha! Oh God, this cracked me up. I agree with you. I think that they are trained to not show empathy or to care about people at all. It’s shocking. The worst part is that there doesn’t seem to be any regulation to control them. They can tell you whatever they want and treat you like a dirty poor person and there’s nothing you can do about it. I like your cull idea. 🙂

  7. I’ve been following a similar routine since November and I’m just about to finish the first draft of my first novel, less than a year later. It doesn’t seem like a lot of time but it really does add up!

    • Oh wow, that’s awesome! Well done, you! 😀

      I’m really proud of myself for doing it (even though it’s only been two weeks now) and I’m going to try to keep doing it after my exam when I’ll have time time write properly.

      It takes a lot of self-discipline!

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