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In Library Day on June 28, 2013 at 7:59 pm

Hello there! Apologies for not writing since Sunday. I was going to do a mid-week post as I’ve got books backed up but I came down with a stomach bug which took me out of the picture on Tuesday and Wednesday. I’ve actually got three books to talk to you about so I’ll be working on some posts this weekend to catch up. I will be doing separate posts for each one since I feel that each book deserves it’s own time in the spot light.

I’m actually writing this post to tell you that I treated myself to some books today. As much as I love books, I rarely buy them. I read so many that I would end up living in a refrigerator box on the street if I indulged as much as I would like to. I tend to buy books when I know that I will read them again and again. It makes buying books a really special occasion for me.

I went to Waterstone’s with the intention of buying World War Z. The hubs and I want to go see the film next week but I wanted to read the book before I watch the film. I feel quite strongly about this even in cases where the book is vastly different to the film. I hate when I’ve seen a film and then read the book because the visuals from the film get stuck in my head and I get really disappointed when they don’t match up. This happened with The Woman in Black and I am Legend. This might also be one of the reasons I’m having a hard time slogging through Harry Potter. If I’ve read the book first then I already have an image in my head and I can accept that the film is a different animal.

Anyway, I found World War Z and, much to my delight, it was in the Buy One, Get One Half Off pile. Obviously that meant that I had to buy another book otherwise I would have rendered the offer useless. We can’t have that, can we? CAN WE?? (The answer is NO.)

So I picked up a copy of Wool by Hugh Howey which is a book that I’ve wanted to read for a while.

I pretty much have to read World War Z this weekend and do three blog posts. Guess I’d better get to it!

  1. Glad you’re feeling better! I also plan to read Wool…soonish. Our summer reading program includes an adult version with the prize being a book voucher so that’s what I’m angling for, whenever I can get around to cashing in. World War Z I still can’t muster an interest in, movie or book. I guess zombies just aren’t my thing.

    As for books-to-movies, I feel sad for you, not having read I Am Legend before seeing the movie. It’s been turned into a movie several times but none are as good as, or manage to bear all the ideas of, the book.

    • Thanks! It was a rough couple of days. Blurgh… I’m really interested to see what Wool is like because I’ve only heard good things. I do love zombie/end-of-the-world/survival/dystopian stories so I’m looking forward to WWZ. I’m always interested to see various interpretations. I am Legend was a good book but I spent the entire time picturing Will Smith and trying to match the stories up. It was very distracting. I’ve learnt my lesson. 🙂

  2. People are saying the World War Z movie sucked. The book is probably better.

    • I’ve heard mixed reviews about it, but I don’t put too much stock in what people say since we all have different tastes. The hubs and I are kind of on a zombie kick at the moment so I’d like to see it in order to make up my own mind. I definitely am reading the book first though.

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